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Accessorize Your Maternity Wardrobe

Who says that maternity has to be a boring thing just because your body feels different and your baby is still too small to handle? We have stylish moms walking around like they have brought the city in the midst of a fashion storm – and how?

Here are a few ways to achieve that without robbing the bank or your good sleep. What’s more; you would find it practical and handy too. So get out of your boring nighties and pajamas and bring out your fashionista!

1) Ditch the scarf but make it a head start! Scarves are quite a rage all the time but change them into a headband with a knot. Not only will it make you look trendy but if you at all need a scarf around you, you don’t have to carry it on your neck and get it entangled with the baby.

2) Pair your dress with a statement stud earring. Dresses are not only easy to wear but manageable too. Add a good statement stud earring that not only makes heads turn but is easy to carry off.

3)Wear shrugs or layered clothing. Shrugs or layered dresses or pant suits help you overcome baby spillage and accidents that new moms encounter. If there’s spillage you can hide it with a shrug or the extra layer and stay calm. However, layering needs breathable fabrics and note the seasonal aspects too. You shouldn’t feel too keyed up or perspiring too much.

4) Wear comfy heels. New moms are always told to avoid heels. However, with styles and fashions that are now more evolved, you can go in for comfy heels that give you the oomph factor too. You can wear wedges, clunky or broad heeled sandals or shoes for more impact. Ensure that they are well cushioned from the inside. If not, you can add filler soles for the padded comfort.

5)Trench coats, overcoats and blazers can hide. New moms can hide behind the trench coats and open blazers that can hide their new mom fat. Not that we are against the concept of being fat but a lot of women out there don’t want to reveal much especially when they are still working even after childbirth. (And if you are pregnant, you can use this trick too. You can also throw in a support belt that helps ease your back too while working during pregnancy.)

6)Indulge in body care and makeup madness. Why should being a mom should not make you feel like a woman? Indulging in a spa, even if it is a simple nail and foot spa can work wonders to make you feel relaxed. Along with this add a good glamour and glitter of makeup too. Wear glittering lipstick or a quirky touch of the eyeliner. You can even keep your nails in a technicolor mood. These small indulgences keep you engaged with your new body and appreciation for self too increases.

7)Invest in good underwear. Pregnancy changes the breast size and shape. Investing in a good brand of underwear that makes bras and panties of breathable fabric makes a good choice. Even if the fabric is cotton, you can buy those with a little lace work around it. Buy bright colors which can keep you in a happy mood. Also, do not forget to buy breast pads for countering the leakage on clothes.

8) Dump those haughty maternity bags. Invest in a good, sturdy oversized tote bag that not only looks trendy but fits in everything when you need to take your baby anywhere.

With these major maternity accessories you can’t go wrong! Stay calm, stay safe and be a super stylish mom on the go! And yes…. Before you make heads turn, say this to yourself, “I am Beautiful”. Positivity attracts good vibes and helps moms keep good mental health too.


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