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Books for Parents

Indian parents and they have memes to entertain us. “Oh that generation gap” or “Oh that misunderstanding!” Plenty to keep us on the toes right?

But can you actually tackle parenting? Be in the shoes of the parents and you will realise that it is impossible! It offers within its perspective a uniqueness that’s so very relatable yet generalized to a large extent too! Age of the kids, parental background, socio-economic fabric and cultural norms can dictate a lot into the parental upbringing. However, there are books by Indian authors which can be of help to you and give you a certain direction about your parenting styles.  Here are a few of them:

  1. Spiritual Parenting by Gopika Kapoor provides tips on Indian parenting with some wit and fun experiences shared. The book looks at the common problems that every parent faces while raising their child.
  2. Dr. R.K. Anand’s guide to Child Care acts as a guide to child care in an Indian way, giving out information on pregnancy, childbirth, feeding and more.
  3. Sonali Bendre Behl’s ‘The Modern Gurukul, My Experiments With Parenting’ is a personal book which highlights her journey about raising a child in the digital age, and finding a balance between tradition and modernity. It is about raising a compassionate child. The book is simple and accessible.
  4. Kiran Manral’s ‘Karmickids: The Story of Parenting Nobody Told You!’ is about laidback parenting. It talks about unstructured playtime which is a new concept and she emphasises that it should be mandatory.  This humorous book was listed as one of the best books by Indian authors. 
  5. Lina Ashar, founder of the famous Kangaroo Kids pre-schools, has written ‘Who Do You Think You’re Kidding?’  In this book you discover your child’s true potential by raising a curious and well rounded child.
  6. ‘Babies and Bylines: Parenting on the Move’ by Pallavi Aiyar is a memoir of raising two boys in three different parts of the world — Beijing, Brussels and Jakarta. Her book highlights the father’s role in raising children, the role of a working mother, and the challenges and stereotypes new mothers face.
  7. ‘Stop Licking My Arm!: And Other Mommy Rants From the First Three Years’ by Amee Misra is a hilarious take on parenting. She talks about the things that nobody really touches upon: such as travel nightmares with a toddler, love for the baby at first sight, and the utter confusion that motherhood is.
  8. Parenting Tips for Indian Parents – Pre-conception to Adulthood by Deepa Chaudhury is the only book so far that journeys from pre-conception to adulthood stages of parenting and what Indian parents can expect. Her first experience of dealing with early childhood challenges when she began her career as a volunteer in the women and child welfare program run by Tata Tea Limited in the picturesque tea estates of North Bengal and then raising her own kids led to the shaping of this book.
  9. How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish is New York Times bestselling book that teaches you how to effectively communicate with your child. The book also gives certain suggestions and methods to parents to build a healthy relationship with kids. This is not by Indian author but it is a highly recommended read! 
  10. If you are more of a magazine reader, you can subscribe to Mother and Baby India which is hailed as the No.1 magazine for pregnancy, baby and toddler topics.

So what are you waiting for now? Grab these books/magazine and get on with the exciting yet harrowing parenting experiences that not only put in fear but also put in a lot of skills, experiences, time and resources to bring out the best in your child.


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