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Books on Motherhood

There are so many books ( Books on Motherhood ) out there that it is difficult to keep track of them. But then motherhood beckons and all hell breaks loose because you want to be prepared for it as always. You want to focus on your child’s well-being and ensure that they turn out all right. Here are a few books we would love to recommend to you. They are timeless and classic.

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  1. How to be a Mother without being a Mom – The focus is on everyone (even the singles out there) who give advice and lot of unwanted ones to the ‘actual’ mothers
  2. The Child is a Dream – While the bawling infant in your lap is the reality. A child of your dream is/was never real
  3. Soiled clothes and more – Everything is dirty and used and unwashed. Everything starts and ends with just that.
  4. How to talk so that your kids never listen and kids will always listen when you talk in whispers- This one is self-explanatory.
  5. The Art of Reduction – Reduce yourself, your time and your friend circle and see how much you love being in PJs
  6. The Tale of Two Critics – One is the mother and the other is the mother-in-law. You can’t say yes or no to either and you never knew what hit you when they both landed at your house to help (or not help)
  7. Anger Management for Moms – Everything and anything that comes in the hand-zone will end up with a broken tone.
  8. Eat, Pray and Throw – Michelin star chef are you? Nothing will please your harshest critic – your own child
  9. Zen and the Art of Motherhood – The zen car is the only way to ensure that the distance between the infant and your office looks a mere 500 meters on a high speed format.
  10. Mental health and Moms – That’s a joke, right?

These books don’t exist and we are doling out advice in the form of the book names. Take it from us. You don’t need Books on Motherhood. Trust your instinct. Solicit help from your doctor. Stay calm and enjoy these days while they last. 

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