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Building A Library for your Child’s Reading Habit

Building a library for children is a perfect opportunity for us to give you the best gift of all – The Love for Reading! Books are a treasure always. They help us understand ourselves as well as others. They assist us in being more aware and articulate about our world. No one can deny how valuable books are for us. And if you are denying its importance, let us tell you why you need to change your mind.

  1. The first aspect about books is that it enables the basic language acquisition of the child moving on to the expansion of their vocabularies
  2. Helps not only children but also adults in understanding ourselves
  3. Books not only help create questions but sometimes even answers questions
  4. The ability to understand different cultures and unique experiences comes from books
  5. Books nudge the children to think and expand their thought processes
  6. They help connect to people by the understanding of the different characters and settings.
  7. Books help escape the mundane aspects of life and temporarily transport everyone to the world of fiction created by the writers. They are entertaining.
  8. Books help nourish the children’s mind by expanding their concept of the world.
  9. Books act as companions and help a great deal in making fruitful use of time.
  10. Books are definitely comforting. Reading meaningful books when one doesn’t feel good or have a question that isn’t answered well. Books act as a buffer in such situations.

If all these points don’t convince you about reading – I don’t know what will. 

There is a lot more to reading than just story. There are different genres and types of books that make a specific impact on reading. Nowadays children’s books not only cover comics but also stories that bring out different values, ideas, concepts and goals into the picture. 

How to test whether the development is happening?
  • Check out your child’s vocabulary
  • Are they getting imaginative and creative in storytelling?
  • Is your child attempting to write a story?
  • Meaningful discussions 
  • Child is asking questions
  • The child is aware and curious about the world more than before

Cue into what your child is doing or behaving and if this positive aspect of reading is clicking you know what we were saying – Books are important for child development.

Next comes the building of the library. How to go about with that? This depends largely on the space in your house and your child’s room. Ensure that you have a bookshelf so that the child gets to read. When they see books in front of them, they tend to pick it up. If you have a large house, you can allocate one study room that doubles as a library too. Nowadays you have options for library setup. Metal shelves, wooden single shelves or you can employ a carpenter who can customise it for your home. Online purchase of shelves is possible. You have options of IKEA, Pepperfry and Amazon apart from the local furniture shops that can help you get the best option for your home and your child’s needs.

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