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Care for Grandparents

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Not many know that this month is focused on Caring for Grandparents. While this platform is the exclusive domain for mothers and children till the toddler age,

the impact of grandparents’ role in the whole scheme of things cannot be ignored.

So this time, we are dedicating our blog to the relationship of a grandparent with a grandchild.

With the parents getting busy with the roles of earning for the family,

grandparents tend to care for grandchildren and this too in turns leads to the grandchildren caring for their grandparents.

This caring personality is helpful for children to take care of their own parents later on in life

without feeling overwhelmed since they have already been accustomed to caring for grandparents in small ways.

Here are a few ways in which parents can imbibe the caregiving responsibility to children keeping their age in mind.
  • Very young children can help their parents and grandparents in small tasks that don’t need them to remember and also get them to feel responsible. This could be simple things like fetching water or food for them. 
  • Kids can help grandparents in tasks that require bending down. They can help retrieve stuff for them 
  • Older kids can help their grandparents in getting groceries and medicines 
  • Some kids who love cooking can help grandparents in making meals with them and then when they get older they even make the meals for all
  • Helping grandparents through monitoring of their medicines and health related care is also possible by older kids
  • Gardening requires help and relaxes too. This is an activity that both can indulge in and enjoy
  • Loneliness can have a great impact on grandparents so the bond with grandchildren and the activities they share with each other helps them bond with their feelings. Playing puzzles or indulging in games helps keep the brain sharp and also gives the young kids a spot of fun.
  • Some children also help parents ensure that their grandparents have their dietary requirements fulfilled well. 
  • Storytelling is one of the most favourite pastimes of grandparents and grandchildren.

As you see, helping and caring for grandparents helps the children to have social and moral development and teaches them empathy and also responsibility.

Isn’t this a good way to not only have a caring relationship but also developmentally aids the child in growing gracefully.

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