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Dental Hygiene of Kids

Dental hygiene is one of the primary ways to keep the body healthy though it’s importance has just started to filter into the Indian population in recent years. 

The Indian Dental Care Market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% from 2019 to 2028.

(Source: Insight 10)

Initially the focus was to have one toothpaste for the whole family. Colgate as a brand put a stamp on this particular perception. With the global avenues opening up, more brands started coming to the market offering various flavours and options. Now, many brands have come up with dental solutions starting with the toothpaste. We have electronic toothbrushes, sustainable dental solutions and more dental hygiene products than before. With colourful designs of toothbrushes and toy kind of accessories for dental products, children have taken up a shine of them. While that is a marketing gimmick, it does help to prevail with dental hygiene.

  • Encourage children to brush properly. Show them videos to give them a proper context
  • Brush along with the kids to give them a demonstration of brushing effectively
  • Kids and even adults need to brush twice a day.
  • Give the children the need to include all foods in diet but show them to clean the teeth after eating 
  • Sugar is bad for teeth but then so are certain products like aerated drinks
  • Not only brushing teeth but rinsing them is equally important
  • If you live in a place where climate is mostly dry and hot, rinsing the mouth 2-3 times in a day keeps the saliva activated and mouth feels fresh
  • Visit the dentist regularly. An annual checkup is a must even if the kids don’t need it. It places value on oral hygiene as much as other aspects of being healthy.

If you are able to follow these steps, your child will be able to keep body healthy too. Remember that the food you eat starts with the mouth and the bacterial deposits of the mouth combine with the food too. If the mouth is taken care of and is healthy, the stomach or the gut will be thankful to you. 

Some of the dental brands you can try for your kids:
  1. Colgate
  2. MammaEarth
  3. Dabur Red
  4. Chicco
  5. Pigeon
  6. Hello Oral Care
  7. DentoShine
  8. Mee Mee
  9. Pediflor
  10. ShoPlaq

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