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Eco-Friendly ways for babies and mothers

As kids, we as parents would always remember that ( Eco-Friendly ways for babies and mothers ) one of the pet favourite projects of all schools would be “Environment Day” and “Best out of Waste” competitions. Not only did it mean no studies but also gushing about how important the environment is. Illustrating with charts, drawings, demos and diagrams. It changed to recycling solutions and then sustainability. But things haven’t changed much at the ground level or have they?

Here are a few of the kids and mommy products that you can use:

  1. Mulmul or soft cotton swaddles are the new rage for new born babies
  2. Soft toothbrushes of bamboo that’s helpful for pregnant women since teeth tend to be affected by pregnancy changes
  3. Eco Friendly pencils, pens, pencil colors and stationary that don’t harm environment
  4. Use of cloth diapers and cloth sanitary pads that have long term durability and are skin friendly 
  5. Rattan and Cane baskets and organizers instead of plastic ones
  6. Home-made lotions and skin care products that are packed in glass bottles and can be reused
  7. Cloth rattles, teethers and toys that are not only soft but easily washable and can be dried
  8. Eco-friendly plates, bowl and spoon sets for which you don’t have to worry about BPA and plastic induced cancer
  9. Handloom cotton clothes ensure that not only babies get airy fabric but it’s skin friendly too
  10. Wooden building and stacking toys are the best and the most durable way to keep your little ones entertained

Sustainability has gained a lot of noise over the years. Slowly we are mainstreaming eco-conscious products however, it will take a lot of time to make changes that impact overall life.

Remember this:

“We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children”. (Eco-Friendly ways for babies and mothers)

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