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Essential Kit for New Moms and Babies in Covid19

Covid19 pandemic has imposed on us the ‘new’ normal and with every childbirth and lactating mothers, it becomes quite a task to handle this. It could really get overwhelming too in addition to the lack of sleep and still sore body after childbirth that new moms experience. 

We shall make this easy for you with a checklist that goes on to preparing an essential kit that becomes a vital bag especially when you need to go out with the baby for vaccinations or regular checkup. However, apart from that, these essentials will help you in daily management of the baby’s and your needs too!

  • Hand Wash and Sanitizers

The first thing in the bag or in front of you has to be a hand sanitizer and possibly a hand wash too. While sanitizers are always essential, it could be possible that some babies might not like it or have some reaction to it. Hand wash helps in such cases. However, avoid too much sanitizer use at home, use hand wash instead. When you go out sanitizers are more handy.

  • Formula Milk and Instant Foods

If you live in a place that experiences frequent lockdowns and rapid rise in Covid19 cases, stocking formula milk or instant foods (depending on your baby’s age) is a good start. However, always remember that breast milk is the best unless you are in the ‘weaning phase’ with the baby. If you are breastfeeding the baby, as far as possible, avoid using breast pumps outside of home. Use the sanitized bottles (which are prepacked at home) for feeding.

  • Medicines

Ask your doctor for a prescription of essential medicines to keep for babies. These could be for common symptoms for mild fever, throat infection or stomach pains. This helps curb panic especially when you don’t want to rush to the hospital every now and then. It also keeps you and baby safe from catching unwarranted infection from the hospital.

  • Diapers and Diaper Rash Cream

Use cloth diapers as much as possible when at home. Wash them in Dettol and ensure they dry well. However keep a good stock of diapers when you go out with the baby and don’t forget to put in a diaper rash cream too! With monsoons, babies are prone to rashes and infections more due to the diaper and dampness.

  • Clothes 

Keep your baby’s clothes stocked one or two sizes larger than the current size. In India, it helps when people give too many clothes as gifts. These become very useful because babies outgrow very fast and in this pandemic situation you would not want to keep shopping every second month. Also ensure that you wash their new clothes first before making them wear them.

  • Baby Oil, Powder and Lotion

Keep the baby’s skin clean and moisturized at all times. Dry and chapped skin are open ground for infections. Keep a good stock of your baby’s bath and oil essentials and have a small bottle of lotion and powder in your bag whenever you move out. Any scratch has to be wiped and moisturised immediately.

  • Baby Wipes / Napkins

When at home, napkins work best since you can wash and dry them well. When going out, baby wipes are a good choice since you just need to use it once and throw. With the dangers of infection, you would not want to carry a napkin around which might get accidentally contaminated. Use and throw wipes need to go in your bag for precisely this reason.

  • Mosquito Repellant

In house or outside, a mosquito repellant ensures that your baby sleeps well and isn’t disturbed. However, do check if the baby isn’t allergic to the repellant spray and smell. There are herbal options available these days which can also help ensure that your baby is protected.

  • Food/ Fruit Mash

Babies who are starting out on solids need their food times similar to when they were fed on milk. When you are going out ensure that their box of mashed fruits or boiled lentils/ rice is there with you. Avoid any outside food. Avoid packing formula mixes since they are supposed to be consumed within an hour. 

  • Toys

Visit to hospitals can entail a long wait time. Also there is the possibility of your movements being restricted due to Covid19.  Ensure that some age-appropriate toys are kept in the bag for your baby to be engrossed and distracted when needed.

We hope these 10 essentials can help you tide through the pandemic crisis that has put all of us on tenter-hooks. Keep in touch with your doctor and don’t panic. Keep your baby and yourself safe and as far as possible stay at home. If you follow all the safety measures and keep your essentials kit bag always readily stocked, you have nothing to worry about.


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