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Facing the new normal as Moms

With motherhood comes the new phase of life. The mother has to not only struggle with the changes in her own body but also take care of the newborn. This gets added further by the fact that one has to deal with the Covid19 situation also. So here are a few checklist things that you can look into and ensure that you are taken care of.

– Limit your contacts. Try avoiding going out as much as possible. Though Indian women are given a rest period post-pregnancy, with rise in nuclear families, women might not have the advantage of resting completely. This especially has to be taken care of.
– If possible, avoid contact and meeting. Ensure that people wear masks if they come to meet the mother and baby. Once the baby is a few months old, people can come and visit. Families must be strict about the health and well being of the mother and baby. This is not the time to think about social customs but rather to think practically about health concerns. Do not use a face shield or mask on babies. It can lead to suffocation or Sudden-Infant-Death Syndrome (SIDS)
– Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and if needed to go out ensure that sanitizer is used. This also applies during the breastfeeding time.
 Boost your own immunity especially when you are breastfeeding your baby. You not only have to recover well but also care for your baby. This is the time when your body needs lots of boost through immunity and also healthy foods.
– If you are in the breastfeeding phase and you need to use a breast pump or feeding bottle, ensure that it is not shared and it is sterilized and cleaned well.
– Appointments with the doctor for healthcare checkups post pregnancy should not be avoided. Your doctor will determine whether a checkup has to be limited or not. Appointments on video or on phone calls are the new ways of dealing with this new phase.
 Ensure that your essential kit is always stocked up. Check into the expiry dates too from time to time.
– Ensure that you remain positive. Keep yourself cheerful and look forward to connecting with new moms online. – It helps to stay less stressed up in the new role amid the chaos of the situation.
– Should you feel uncomfortable or feel that the babycare needs more clarification, always ensure that you have it talked out with your doctor of ease of approach via messages or call.
– Symptoms of flu are similar to Covid19 since both are related to respiratory systems. Ensure that you take a timely checkup if you get any symptoms and do not panic thinking that every cough and cold is Covid19. Also don’t ignore the Covid19 testing and symptoms thinking about social stigma attached to this.

Your doctor will determine the vaccination timings and other checkups based on the conditions in the local area. Ensure that you follow all the precautions and medications as prescribed by the doctor and keep yourself and your baby, happy and healthy.


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