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Festive Ideas for New Age Moms

Festive times are near and what better way to celebrate it with near and dear ones, right? In the age after corona, you need to be restrained in your meetings and movements but not in enthusiasm. Here are a few ways to help you keep the festive spirit high and at the same time keep yourself and your baby safe!

  1. Keep sanitization in mind. Don’t forget to sanitize yourself and keep your baby under supervision to ensure that people don’t touch or come near her/him often. Babies and kids are susceptible to infections faster than adults.
  2. Keep hygiene as a priority. Toddlers are quite young to understand the way diseases or infections spread. However, given the situation, stress upon them to wash hands and feet and keep general hygiene in mind.
  3. Get the family to agree on a small but consciously planned festive celebration.
  4. If you are thinking of inviting a few family members or friends ensure that they follow the protocol of safety and hygiene that is benefiting to all
  5. Go in for eco-friendly ideas for decor. This helps you fit into your baby’s needs too and also is in tandem with sustainable living.
  6.  Share eco-friendly lifestyle ideas with friends and other family members so that not only do they have health advantages but also benefits the environment.
  7. Think of reuse and recycle options for decor. This minimizes buying from outside and yet gives your house a new look. 
  8. For babies, reuse and recycle options too work. Get that old torn saree to be changed into a festive baby carrier fabric. Make swaddles from linen or mulmul pillow cases that are of no use anymore.
  9. Encourage artists or skilled persons in the family. Buy macrame pot holders, wooden artefacts or fabric creations from them and encourage them to pursue their talent into business.
  10. Buy from small businesses and individual sellers. That clay pot maker will be happy to earn what you purchase. It gets into the basic concept of helping those in need than buying from the mall or big stores. 
  11. Keep a good stock of baby supplies this Diwali. It is quite a busy time of the year for all the shops. You need to be prepared with essentials in advance.
  12. Try and make your own snacks and sweetmeats. Dig out that recipe book of your mother or grandmother and try new ways of enticing taste buds. You don’t have to make too much so it can be a good experiment this Diwali.

All in all, did you expect a grand idea in this blog? Well, the grand idea is to do something new, picking up the old yet amazing things that our grandparents used to rely on and yet make conscious efforts to be sustainable and eco-friendly in the process. That’s what this festive idea is all about.

Go ahead, enjoy the festive times safely but with loads of new promises for a better and healthy life! Be safe, healthy, wealthy and wise!


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