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Immunity Boosters for Women

The world has undergone a drastic change in the way we eat and live these days. Fortunately, due to Covid19 situation, we have now come to scrutinize in detail what we eat and how we build our immunity against various ailments or diseases. Being fit and healthy is a crucial aspect for all of us. Unfortunately, the health of women always takes a backseat. Women shrug it off thinking that housework will suffer if they don’t do it, giving a priority to running a home rather than running to a health center.  

However, not all is lost. Women can take a lot of help from their own kitchen to strengthen their immune system. Here are a few foods that you use regularly, try having a look at them again:

  1. Turmeric when consumed in the raw form ie. as a plant part gives one healing benefits and internal aid against a host of diseases.
  2. Ginger works as an analgesic and has lots of antibacterial advantages.
  3. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties which not only adds flavor but goes a long way in building immunity 
  4. That Tulasi plant which you pray to every morning and water it; remember to pluck a few leaves and eat them raw. Tulasi helps fight allergies and certain pathogens.
  5. Black pepper absorbs all the nutrients, including the ones mentioned above.
  6. Kadha is the drink of the season for a reason! It has all the ingredients mentioned above and some more. A drink a day keeps the symptoms at bay!
  7. One more essential immunity food is the garlic. Garlic is popularly known to fight cancer. However, it also combats sickness and common cold.

Apart from all these foods, the best laid immunity boosters are in the brain. Increase your happiness quotient by engaging in a task or hobby that you enjoy. The brain also needs its daily dosage of good feeling to boost the immune system. Keep depressing thoughts at bay. Communicate with family or friends your feelings. Stay connected with people in whichever way you feel most comfortable – either by calling or via social media. 

Physical and mental health are on a premium but they’re not expensive. Too often women feel that good health needs lots of financial input. If you are able to have the above mentioned foods and keep yourself positively engaged, it can do wonders to your body. So chin up women… and get your healthcare on track!TAGS: COVID19HEALTHIMMUNITYWELLNESSWOMENWOMEN HEALTH

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