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Journaling for Kids

Is your child 10 years and above? (Journaling for Kids) Journaling is an interesting way to keep them occupied and has many advantages too!

Journaling creates opportunities for engaging in mindfulness, exploring inner feelings and conflict resolution, creative writing and internalizing gratitude. Feeling out of depth here? Let us explain.
  • Journaling is nothing but keeping a great diary with you. That’s enough as starters for kids before they move on to serious journaling. 
  • Young kids can start by writing on things or experiences that they are grateful for. This helps them articulating and internalizing the spirit of gratitude for small and big things
  • Older kids can explore the creative writing process through journaling. Some kids tend to move on to writing poetry, short stories or can even take up blog writing inspired from this
  • Kids who like to draw and paint tend to explore the creative doodling and artful journaling options
  • Apart from the ways one can do journaling, let’s move on to the beneficial aspects. The foremost one is that of better understanding of self and others
  • It encourages writing skills, literacy and reflection 
  • It links the cognitive and emotional aspects of development by unconsciously allowing the child to explore inner conflicts as they grow. This is especially useful in the teen years
  • It reduces anxiety and promotes mindfulness 
  • Journaling at the start of the day or before bedtime are ideal ways to chronicle the day
  • A sense of accomplishment and determination are the other advantages one can be assured of despite not journaling everyday or perhaps doing it when one feels like it
  • Kids get a kind of writing buddy which they can use well for acquiring other advantages too. It is helpful in Covid19 situation and lockdowns
  • Keeps the kids engaged and gives a sense of accomplishment in the long run.

If all these points appeal to you then worry not! Go and explore the different diary options like handmade ones or the ones with embroidery. Let your child pick up a diary and help them start journaling their thoughts.

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