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Let’s have a picnic!

“Signor Renzo’s lodge (Let’s have a picnic!) stood on a grassy knoll near the crest of the hill. It was a modest place, just a low stone hut, before which stretched a woven ceiling of vines. My dinner was cooked on an open fire by the table. This was no banquet, but what the cook called a pique-nique, a meal for hunters to take outdoors. After Renzo had chosen two fat ducklings from his larder, he spit them over the fire. Then he made a dish of buttery rice crowned with speckled discs of truffle that tasted powerfully of God’s own earth.

‘Come sit with me,’ I begged, for I did not like him to wait on me. So together we sat beneath the vines as I savored each morsel and guessed at the subtle flavorings. ‘Wild garlic?’ I asked, and he lifted his brows in surprise as he ate. ‘And a herb,’ I added, ‘sage?’

‘For a woman, you have excellent taste.’

For a woman, indeed! I made a play of stabbing him with my knife.

It was most pleasant to eat our pique-unique and drink the red wine, which they make so strong in that region that they call it black or Nero. I asked him to speak of himself, and between a trial of little dishes of wild leaves, chestnut fritters, and raisin cake, Signor Renzo told me he was born in the city and had worked at a pastry’s cookshop as a boy, where he soon discovered that good foods mixed with ingenious hands made people happy and free with their purses.”

Martine Bailey, An Appetite for Violets

The summers are here and the rainy clouds are beginning to make a presence. It is a perfect time for a picnic! However, the impact of Covid19 can dampen the happy mood. So what can be done in this case?

Here are a few and fun ways to keep the picnic or camping mood on despite being at home.
  1. Plan for the day and date with the time duration to make it similar to picnic experience
  2. Make a list of to-do things and the things you need for the picnic hamper
  3. Set group
  4. Create an atmosphere. Tents can be made from bedsheets or household items.
  5. Have fairy lights for impact of light settings
  6. Have the table set up or the floor done with table spread 
  7. Keep it young and colorful and yet cosy 
  8. Keep the picnic hamper containing food, beverages and cutlery prepared
  9. Ensure that all those who are part of the picnic experience are not distracted by mobiles or electronic stuff
  10. Keep the mood really engrossing with chats, games and fun

How does picnics help us?

  • Fosters a bonding time with family
  • Gives one the opportunity to have fun
  • Helps kids learn to plan event or get together 
  • Deals with bettering the organizational skills
  • Enables one to indulge in some chit-chats, music and games with family members
  • Helps in creative development

So next time if you are bored or your kids are missing a picnic, you can definitely have it all up within your home and get a spot of fun too!

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