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Moonwalk your Education


Mark Twain famously said, “Don’t let college hamper your education”.  How we all need our degrees but the fact is that sometimes they’re killing us by the degree? Can’t opt out of it right? But we can definitely create an illusion  of approaching education with the forward approach and yet keeping it at arm’s length.

  • The age old trick is extra curricular activities. Dive into so many activities that everyone sympathizes with you for being way too busy
  • Get a part time job. This makes parents feel that you are trying to be a responsible adult. (while your main aim is to get a nice pocket money! 😉
  • Start a club. Whatever your interests are, start a club with your friends. Take a cue from Ranbir Kapoor and roll out a Happy Club! Who cares what the club does?
  • Make reading madness. But not of the academic kind. Behind the hardbound reference books keep your novels and read. Again an age old trick that goes well until you are caught
  • Up your wit quotient. When anyone remarks on your lack of education; give them a quick witty retort which leaves them too shocked to reply.
  • Behave like Aamir Khan in 3-idiots. Be late. Enter the classroom with an exit intention – your professor will tell you to sit and behave!
  • Join the student leadership board. Send everybody the feeler that politicians need to start out young.
  • Keep your guitar handy. When anyone comes near with books start crooning a song and start strumming it in glory.
  • Hold campus interviews with famous students. Add that as part of your value education. (You are after all valuing their skills and development)
  • First they make us guilty by saying that we are not responsible and then when we take our own decisions they say you’re still young – That’s a dumbing down syndrome and you can just roll your eyes and ignore it!

(Kids and Parents who are reading this, like we mentioned earlier, this is a light way to look at education. We are not targeting or framing anyone. Have a good laugh and enjoy the learning experience!)

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