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Move, Baby, Move

Baby movements are a source of joy for the mother for she is beginning to get a feel of the baby. However, new mothers-to-be are unable to comprehend the different movements of the babies and why sometimes they can feel the movements a lot and sometimes it is quite negligible. 


Here are some points to understand the baby movements, when to expect more movements or less and how you can understand your baby inside you through the movements.


  1. For first-time moms-to-be you will be able to discern movements of your baby around 25 weeks of pregnancy. The second time pregnant women can detect movements earlier due to the previous experience of expecting it.
  2. Some women experience ‘quickening’ that are slight blips between 16 to 25 weeks of pregnancy.
  3. First time moms describe baby’s movements as butterflies, twitches, tumbling moves. Those in their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy are better able to detect the differences in movements from their own body like gas, motions or hunger pangs.
  4. In the third trimester you might learn the differences from elbows, jabs or leg kicks.
  5. Fetal movements get stronger and more frequent by the end of the second trimester.
  6. Studies tell us that by the 3rd trimester the baby moves about 30 times per hour.  
  7. Babies alternate between activity and sleep during the day time. Since women tend to move around they don’t notice it much.
  8. Fetal movements peak between 9pm to 1am when you are trying to sleep because that’s when the blood sugar spikes up. 
  9. Do you know? Babies respond to touch in the womb and can even kick your partner if you snuggle too close in your bed.
  10. You might not know it; but you can monitor your baby’s movements with the help of the doctor. Remember, there is no precise science behind how much movement is good or not good. Keep your doctor updated if you tend to feel uneasy.


Don’t worry too much about baby movements. Each baby is unique and so don’t compare your baby movements with others. If your doctor is sure of your baby’s well-being, just relax and enjoy your pregnancy! Take Care and have a kick!

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