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Play …but online?

The pandemic has put everything on the online mode and is always ON. What about play then? As parents we definitely had it all rolled out smoothly to restrict our kids from online surge and yet the pandemic has shifted the scales. So what do we do? Note how we as parents can actually make it work for us. There are two things involved in this.

  1. Steer the kids play time into valuable learning time too
  2. Take stock of sites or apps that actually help 

Although online gaming is a form of entertainment, with parents’ support and guidance it can help children develop their creativity, nurture connections with buddies and improve strategic thinking.

Studies have shown that certain games can help younger children improve early reading skills with the support of parents and teachers. Games like ‘Times Table Rock Stars‘ that are used in primary schools and preschool apps like ‘Endless Alphabet‘ can be great tools to help children learn in a more engaging way. Also, with the growth of connected toys, children can experience physical play while playing on devices. Educational toys like Osmo combine tactile play pieces with a device’s camera to bring the in-play action to life.


Games are there great ways to –
  • Improve memory, gain better retention and concentration
  • Eye hand coordination and multi-tasking skills
  • Build skills for real-world jobs

Games when played in groups or as a team can give a wider social context to the kids. Some games for Indian children in context of learning or can be indulged with the family are:

Games for fun are:

  • Chikoo Aur Bunty Carrom Challenge.
  • Ultimate Mini Golf Universe.
  • Loud House.
  • TMNT Road Riot.
  • Spongemania.
  • TMNT Bumper Bros.
  • Rudra And Strike Shakaal.
  • Rudra Guardian Of Sun City.

You can check them on

Don’t worry about kids getting lost into the world of web. With a great choice of online games you will actually give them a benefit of skills that can actually help them later in life.

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