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Pregnancy Myths Busted

So you are expecting? Congratulations! Now we shall burst the bubble, because you might not be expecting this while expecting…… And so we are having you covered!

Here are a few pregnancy myths that you might or might not have heard but might hear eventually…phew! Here we go….

MYTH 1: Put up a cute fair baby photo in your room quickly! You will get a healthy fair baby.
 If this were true wouldn’t the whole world be populated with whites? The baby inherits genetics not by cute pictures but by genetic combination. But yes, this myth actually started with the aim to bring in positivity to the expecting mother to think of a healthy baby and easy birth, however it has turned into something else these days.

MYTH 2: Eating something white first thing in morning leads to fair baby
 Whoever bre(a)ds such ideas much be a baker of the highest order! Did you realise how much we are still tuned into fairness that we don’t even love our color? Let genetics do its part, while you eat and keep healthy.

MYTH 3: Do not go out or do anything during eclipse
 While astronomy is a science and astrology somehow links it to us, any planetary movement should not hamper our life. General precautions have to be taken which do not have any specific link to pregnant women. So do whatever you want to do including keeping a safe distance from people who float these theories.

MYTH 4: The belly shape determines the sex of the baby
 You have sonographic eyesight? The shape of the belly depends on the baby developing and resting position. It has nothing to do with sex of the baby.

MYTH 5: Cravings determine the sex of the baby
 There we go again. Sweet for girls and sour for boys, right? What a hogwash! Move over to the truth! The truth is that the mother’s cravings are signs of deficiencies in the mother that are translated into instinctive tendencies to crave for certain flavors.

MYTH 6: Mother’s complexion and glow determines the sex of the baby
 If she is getting dark or not glowing, it must be a girl – say those ladies who can’t even respect themselves, for here lies a very negative attitude towards gender. The mother’s hormonal changes and internal structure actually leads to the changes. It is not always that pregnant women glow and have beautiful shiny hair. Some women actually do not experience these changes or rather show the opposite signs. Do not frighten her with your general advice. Respect every pregnant woman as she is and assist her in making her feel positive towards her body changes.

MYTH 7: Eating ghee helps in labour and normal delivery.
 Why don’t we make a 3 coats lining inside the vagina with ghee directly? Too much ghee and oil is harmful and it does nothing to assist delivery. In an extreme consumption case, it can actually harm the mother and baby. On this note, having turmeric in food items post-delivery can help since turmeric has healing properties. But no ghee except for moderate consumption in food.

MYTH 8: Drinking coconut water gives your baby coconut head
 Are you nuts? Whoever came up with this one should get an award in exaggerated imagination. Coconut water is rich in potassium and is completely safe. However one must exercise moderation in intake; not only for coconut water but for any food since a balance of all is the best way to nurture a healthy baby.

There are many old wives’ tales related to pregnancy and birthing and this can actually fill up a whole book. So while you have had a little laugh reading this, we hope you follow your doctor’s dietary advice, avoid gender-biased harmful people and in general do what you love doing and fill your time with positivity.


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