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Purpose of Annual Functitons

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Every year annual functions in school are a highlight for the children and the adults in school. The culmination of the academic year has a capstone moment with annual functions bringing in fun and fervour. Apart from fun, what’s exactly the purpose of annual functions?

  1. Pathways – It is a sign of interest and aptitude taking over for the kids to think of the various things or activities that interest them. This gives them an opportunity to think of the different paths they can see where their interest lies and which probably can be focused for their future. For example, a child with aptitude for rapping can be confident to think of having a career in it.
  2. Skills – Children learn different skills through annual functions. They get to work on their event management ideas (high school and higher secondary students) which the younger ones can think of ways in which they can perform or enact to the best of their potential. This gives the kids an opportunity and platform to test their non-academic skills.
  3. Management – Kids learn to appreciate how to host and arrange an event. When they’re young, they learn to present and perform well. They are appreciated for their efforts. When older they slowly and gradually are part of the event conduction and managing it. This gives them an inkling into how events – personal or professional- are held.
  4. Team WorkTeamwork is the most important lesson the children learn through annual functions. Whether they are performing or they are managing the conduction of the event, they have to work in coordination with others. They learn as years go by how to divide the tasks and who is best for which task so that the whole event is a success. These ideas come with experience each year and also by adding new people and interacting with them.
  5. Pride and Self Worth – Children whether performing or being part of the management of the event begin to feel a sense of self-worth in being part of a successful event. This instils a sense of pride to be able to do something worthy of merit and also bring laurels to the school. Performing kids learn to develop confidence and also gain public speaking skills.

These are the 5 essentials of why an annual function is actually shaping the child. Look at them beyond just performing on stage. With the right combination of grace and talent, children come out shining with a memorable event and lots of experience and skills to fall back on.

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