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Questions to ask your Doctor when you are Expecting

Pregnancy is a happy time for a woman who is looking forward to having a baby. However, no matter what we think, sometimes the excitement and the anxiety of it can get you to forget what you have to ask your doctor. To ensure that you cover all bases and ground, we have prepared a series of questions which you can maybe alter depending on your case, but it can sufficiently work out towards knowing your body, baby and the family. These questions shall help you get prepared better in understanding your pregnancy

Questions to ask your Doctor when you are Expecting
  1. Now that I am pregnant, will my diet change drastically?
  2. I have heard a lot about coffee being bad. Is it so?
  3. What should I avoid eating during pregnancy?
  4. What symptoms are normal in pregnancy and what symptoms can signal an emergency?
  5. Is bleeding normal in the initial stages? Why does it happen?
  6. I am having cramps. What is exactly happening to me?
  7. Can I use any Over the Counter (OTC) medicine?
  8. Will the current Covid19 situation affect my pregnancy and my baby after it is born?
  9. Is it necessary to gain a lot of weight in pregnancy? How much weight gain is fine?
  10. Can I exercise? What kind of exercise do you recommend for me?
  11. Do I need vaccinations?
  12. Can I work during pregnancy especially given the covid 19 situation?
  13. Should I change my skincare routine? What products do you recommend? Which kind of products should not be used during pregnancy?
  14. Is sexual activity allowed during pregnancy and if yes, how we can do it safely?
  15. Is genetic testing mandatory?
  16. People in other countries talk about birth plans. Does it happen in India? Is it too early to talk about it?
  17. I have heard about contractions. Can you enlighten me about the labour and delivery process?
  18. People say that Normal is better than C-Section. What do you say?
  19. Will the hospital help me with the breastfeeding process?
  20. When can I call you if needed?

There would be a lot more questions much specific to your pregnancy condition. However, these 20 questions are a great start to establishing a good rapport with your doctor. Remember that your doctor has heard many bizarre questions and you need not feel that it might look silly or stupid. Your doctor should know that you have a clear communication with him/her.

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