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Take your Child to Library

Kids are missing out on the amazing experience of libraries. With the internet creating a chasm when reading should be prominently encouraged – it is rather a disappointment that present day kids( Child ) hardly have the value of reading. Many times it so happens that even the parents aren’t able to themselves instill this value since they themselves aren’t good readers. So, you parents out there, let’s start with you. 

Everyone loves facts. So here are  a few to get you motivated about books and libraries.
  1. You will be literate for life! There’s no bigger advantage of visiting a library than this.
  2. It is a place for relaxation because of minimal noise and intrusion.
  3. It is a place for learning something in more detailed and better way
  4. It is a place for discovering something new or expanding one’s knowledge base
  5. Reading leads to rise in literacy learning thereby giving the readers better chances of writing, speaking and listening better than before.
  6. Some libraries bring you closer to culture through the storytelling, puppetry, drama and similar programs hosted there.

“A library is the only single place you can go to learn something new, be comforted, terrified, thrilled, saddened, overjoyed, or excited all in one day. And for free.” Amy Neftzge

Now that the library is a storehouse of so many advantages, why be left behind? Here’s how you can connect to your local library –
  1. Google the location of a library near you
  2. If you don’t find one in your city (which is impossible) try finding out “home-based” libraries. Some people do have small libraries open to the public on select timings in a day. This too can be beneficial.
  3. Find book cafes. There are a lot of cafes in the city that have books and reading corners. This can kind of replicate the library experience. (Noise and distraction might be a problem)
  4. If all else fails – build a library!

Maybe we got a bit overboard with the last one, but then when it comes to libraries – why not? Give the best foundation of learning to your child and libraries are a starting point to that!

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