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Babies are nature’s way of saying – Hello world! You are too much grown up!

Today, we are going down the level of a baby, actually! The word baby itself conjures up the following words – soft, beautiful, sweet, fragile, peaceful. So when we talk about the baby products they are supposed to be the same too.

The science behind the baby product can be thought of in terms of the sensorial inputs that the babies and the family members around them take into consideration. Here, we shall tell you something about the baby products and the science behind it:

Touch: Products that emphasize on the touch sensation, enable in better emotional response and building of body for the baby. Oil therapy with massage is the first example of touch sensory input. Second is the bath time that involves soft on skin soap or bath liquid that enables the skin to breathe and engage in hydrotherapy. The touch leads to positive sensorial development of the baby.
Smell: Shampoo, talcum powder, clothes detergent are the heavy indicators of smell. These have to be mild and not too overpowering for the babies. Since the babies gradually develop their sensorial reaction to the world, we have to take into consideration their body’s gradual change to ensure that the products are in congruence to their tuning into the world.
Taste: Babies primarily have a sense of taste in a gradual way. Sweet is the first taste they experience followed by sour and pungent. Baby Formula foods and solids have to be sweet and then gradually move on to have other tastes.
Hear: Rattles have been the best option for babies. That’s because the sound has a tinkle rather than harsh drumming one. Babies get frightened with sudden harsh noises and that’s why the rattles make the best gifts. Wind chimes are also a good option for introducing babies to sounds. Another way of having them develop sound and also motor coordination is through squeeze and squeak toys. This gets them to learn to associate sounds and things.

Baby products are created on the balance of science and research into babies. Taking into consideration the climate, geography and the baby’s body, these products are formulated or created with care. If you want to understand which brands are better – ask your baby’s doctor about it. They have a better input about the baby’s reactions to different brands.


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