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Understanding the Indian Constitution

The present generation of kids are far away from knowing what Republic Day of India means to them. The Indian Constitution is a book and the 26 January is a historical date. Beyond that there is hardly anything they can derive or understand. They are not to be blamed. With the pandemic still around, it becomes tricky for educators too. The virtual aspects are still not replicated by real interactions in classrooms and real time questions do get sidelined or unanswered. So here we are putting in a bit of information for students to know and can also be used by parents to make their children aware.

  • The Constitution of India is a document that establishes the political values, the powers of government and the rights of the citizens of the country. It is the supreme law of India and is used by the prime minister, his cabinet of ministers and the courts to govern the country.
  • It was initially drafted by B N Rau
  • The Preamble of the Constitution is not the whole Constitution. It is just an introductory brief
  • Constitution helps understand the various government branches as well as their powers
  • It also states the rights of the citizens
  • It not only lays down the law but also unites the Indians
  • On 26 January, people gather at Rajpath, New Delhi amidst the fanfare of celebration
  • Indian Constitution has also laid down special rights of the children
  • These rights are also included in the UN Convention of Children’s Rights
  • Even a judge has written a book for children to understand the Constitution! Late Judge Leila Seth’s classic book, We, The Children Of India: The Preamble To Our Constitution, is illustrated by the late Bindia Thapar and a good book to buy.
  • A new and expanded update on the Constitution for children comes from Subhadra Sen Gupta, in a book illustrated by Tapas Guha.

Parents, please note that children need to be clear about the Constitution and for that as adults you too need to be aware of how the Constitution of India affects us as citizens. Take the opportunity of having Republic Day as a way to have some quality time and gain an understanding of our lovely country, its people and our precious resources.

Some resources for parents to use:

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