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Winter Care for Expecting Women


Winters arrive with not just chill but adds an extra routine of keeping oneself warm and also moisturized. Given the extra care to be taken by expecting mothers – here are few things we would like to share with you so that you can take up the care regime with awareness.


  1. Don’t avoid water usage. A lot of times it so happens that we think that drinking water will lead to more rounds to the bathroom especially since the peeing is incidentally more during pregnancy. Water is a natural hydration fluid. So have lukewarm water if you want and have it in small quantities every half an hour but don’t reduce your water intake. The risk of dehydration is there in winters too as much as it is in summer.
  2. Understand your skin type. The type of your skin and the hormonal changes decide what kinds of lotions, moisturizers and oils you must use. With pregnancy, stretch marks lead to itching and skin tear. Choose the best moisturizing lotion/cream/oil that works for you. You can ask your doctor to help you with skin care. 
  3. Consume winter foods. Nuts, mustard oil, green leafy vegetables and seasonal foods add that special nutrition to your body making it more conducive to the winter demands.
  4. Exercise moderation. Don’t have too much spicy food or load your body with too many warm clothes. In pregnancy, your body is different from what you normally are. Tune in to your body needs and its own temperature. Too much heated up body can have other side-effects.
  5. Keep your fitness ongoing. Winter should not hamper your fitness routine (if the doctor has approved of it.) If you feel fine and are up to it, it is good to engage in some fitness activity to keep your blood circulation ongoing. 
  6. Get some sunshine. Not only is it good for the skin to get some sunshine so as to get Vitamin D which the body doesn’t produce or get from any other source, it also helps alleviate crappy moods in cold weather. 
  7. Get yourself vaccinated from time to time. Vaccinations for flu or any such infections is necessary but do it in consultation with your doctor.
  8. Avoid outdoors if the weather is very cold or harsh. Pregnancy is a sensitive time with lots of hormonal changes. You would not want to expose yourself to ailments unnecessarily especially given the covid19 situation.


Have a great wintery time and enjoy being warm and cosy. Read, Eat and Rest well. Here’s a happy wish to you for enjoying the winter with a baby inside!

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