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World Prematurity Day (17 November)

(Shared by a mom – True Story. Names have been changed to protect identities)

“My son, Mayur is  a 8 year old kid full of energy and dynamism. He has altered my life completely just as any baby would; and much more. What I am sharing today is about the time of his birth. He was born a premature baby (born 3 months before his due date). He had a twin brother who didn’t survive, leaving us within 18 hours of birth. 

Mayur weighed just 865 grams at the time of birth and it broke my heart seeing him taking in lungs full of air each day in the incubator. 3 months he stayed in the hospital, making me miss each moment of being with him.

With all the experiences that I had to encounter being a first time mom; I found it terrible to face what my baby was undergoing. As a parent, our first instinct is that nothing should happen to my baby – let it happen to me. With loads of care which the newborns demand and more so in case of Mayur, I was worried whether I could pull on emotionally. However, in the midst of all the turbulence, I had only one thing in my mind “Be strong for your kid”.

With all the doubts intermingled with joy and pain, Mayur has grown up as a healthy and normal kid. These days I am happily seeing him go off to school which he loves attending. He loves jingles, songs, cartoons and books are his favourite things. 

Today on November 17, is World Prematurity Day. I count my blessings each day of being with him!“

— Prematurity is nothing to be ashamed of. Despite medical advancements sometimes gynecology can throw up situations that could confront us in tremendous ways. The idea is to deal with the effects of prematurity with great balance of logic and emotion. Kangaroo care is a vital part of connecting with your preemie. Be with your baby and be extra careful about your emotions. Preemie babies turn out to be highly sensitive and intelligent persons. Provide your baby stimulating environment and loads of positivity. Love them to bits and also allow them the independence to grow like normal kids. Don’t compare. Allow them to develop at their own developmental pace. You will need loads of patience for this to happen but be cool and enjoy every moment with your baby. —


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